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Your Beauty Story

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Everyone has a #beauty story...Stories like…….. Why they don't wear makeup. Why one doesn't wear #lipstick, and why some can't leave the house without their favorite mascara? No matter the story, lets understand that at any moment each story can change. All it takes is finding the right regimen for you. Finding someone who can help you develop a look that makes you happy, is easy to maintain, and gives you a fresh new look. Today, large amounts of #bespoke and Independent cosmetic companies are hitting every possible shopping arena and providing options for everyone. Be sure that your beauty story includes what is important to you. Presenting your best self is about feeling confident in the skin your in. Letting go of old ideas about what you should or shouldn’t wear and accepting that you get to choose what is best for you.

Beauty come is all shapes, sizes and colors, and there is no wrong or right way. Your personal beauty story is one that you take with you everywhere. It’s in your walk, and it is apart of who you are at the core. It is important to update your story, re-evaluate your current beauty practices and give yourself the opportunity to present a new and even more beautiful you. What would you like your beauty story to look like, or say? Is your story one of a minimalist who cares more about skin care and how your skin looks? Or, is your story one of the makeup junkie who love a great lipstick and mascara? No matter the story, be confident in what you present. The stories will change over time, but hopefully your story is one easily told by others because you shine from the inside out.

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