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What I know for sure!!

I am the baby of the family born ten years after the two oldest and 5 years after the two knee babies. Most of my childhood is a blur and the parts that I do remember give me a glimpse of God's plan at work in my life even then as a little girl who needed guidance. I am so sold on the fact that if you dare to dream if you dare to put your thoughts down and visualize the life you desire that one day those things will come. I must have been about eight or nine when I drew my first vision of a beauty salon I would have. It was called the Crystal Palace. Even at the tender age of eight God was guiding me. I never kept that drawing and I never thought about having a beauty salon ever again. 10 years later having moved away from my hometown of Pennsylvania and finishing school in Florida, after barely graduating high school, I found myself enrolling in beauty school. God's plan not mine. Fast forward I have since owned 3 salons and had an amazing career in beauty. And I plan to own another beauty spot in the future. I often wonder why out of 5 children I am the only one that as achieved any amount of success. Today I am the portrayed at the eldest in the family. I am independent and self-sufficient. While my older siblings struggle with addiction and co-dependency. Why I often ask? But I also ask why not? Why shouldn't I accept that I too had choices that may have taken me down a different road. I choose not to do those things that would keep me in bondage. Did I do things that were unfavorable? Absolutely. I like to believe that no matter how lonely , or left out I felt that God was preparing me, grooming me to be strong. I had many obstacles against me, so I thought. But they really turned out to be the things I needed to make me the person I am today. Everything that we see as bad in our lives is actually not bad, but circumstances to get you to move in another direction. Sometimes the things we call bad are really blessings. It's God's way of waking you up, pushing you into the blessings that he has for you. So today I journal and right down the things i desire. I visualize and I look for opportunity. The same rule applies as it did when I was eight. God is still looking for ways to bless me and give me the desires of my heart. So, when loneliness comes, or uncertainty stares me in the face I use that as a way to move differently. What I know for sure is that "every action or non-action I have taken in life has planted me where I am today. My choices and my non-choices alone have helped to create my now reality.

I am excited about creating the life I truly want on my terms.

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