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Join in as we encourage you to create A Beauty with a Statement!



Just a girl who grew up believing she could be beautiful, and her gift as a beauty professional has been
helping other women see their own beauty. Sylvia believes you can have the
American dream, that when you work hard you can create the life you want 

Sylvia is dedicated to creating a life of freedom and
wants to encourage other women to live out loud . She wants to empower women to
be unafraid to go after what matters most to them as well as pursue what ever
financial freedom means for them.

With a love for beauty. A desire to create a better life, and a passion for all things girly. PUCKERD was born. Being in the beauty business and working with women from all walks of life, we all had one thing in common, we love to wear lip products.  One problem I wanted to solve was to stop the dreaded lipstick stain on my glass. Liquid matte lipstick became my obsession and I saw it as a way to help women keep from reapplying lipstick.  Thus, we now have an amazing lip lipstick that stays on and lasts all day. No need to reapply. Creamy and smooth and with proper application won't stain your glass. Try some today!

Sylvia Kelsey has been forcing her way through to the top, building relationships and connecting women for the past 30 years as a beauty expert. She encourages them to be powerful and bold by embracing their own beauty. With 5 amazing collections to choose from Puckerd is a brand that every woman can wear and love. Our products are vegan and cruelty free and created with love.  Made in the USA.


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