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She didn't quit.

So much has happened in such a short time, just when I was settling into what seemed to be a comfortable life, the universe aka God decided it was time to shift me. After living in Georgia for 4 years I had to moved back to my hometown of St. Petersburg Fl, for several reasons. Many things had to change, and I had to set some new goals along the way. I had to put my cosmetics business on hold, I had to figure out a way to pay the mortgage on my house, and how I would support and care for my parents when I also needed support and care, yet I was single with no real romantic relationship. That all started in June of 2021. Today I can say that because I looked at my move as a set up and not a setback, I have accomplished more in 1 year than I could have ever imagined for myself.

In order to pay the mortgage on my house I turned it into an Airbnb. I got my real-estate license, and I was able to be very present and support my parents in a capacity that made me more grateful than ever. I lost my father August 14,2022, one year and 2 months after I moved back to Florida. That is something I never saw coming. Now what? It is nearing the end of this year of 2022 and I am reminded that through the ups and downs of life, one must not quit. In life our paths will take many dips and turns, and we must hold on and navigate through them all. We must remember that things are happening for us, and not to us. We must remember the goals and aspirations that we have, and continue to pursue them through the setbacks, that are really setups. Always looking at the glass half full and not half empty. Believing in your abilities and the gifts you have been given to pursue the passions of your heart. I am re-launching PUCKERD COSMETICS, and I am filled with joy because it's time to ignite a fire and love that I've had ever since I was a little girl. I hope you join me on this next journey and share in all the many triumphs I expect along the way. I thank you for being a valued customer, friend. Don't quit, don't give up on those things that seem impossible, or unreachable. Your time is here, and your opportunity is in your future. I believe in you. Finish strong and pat yourself on the back because you are amazing!! As our relaunch in under way I'd like to know what you would love to see in our line of cosmetic items so that we can make sure to serve you better.

Please send us a note.

Thank you!!

puckerd matte lipstick

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