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You get what you focus on

What were you focused on as you rose this morning? Were you immediately bombarded with worry, doubt or anxiety about the day ahead? Did you prepare the night before to awake with a smile.? It is important to know that what you think about you get. The things that matter most, that stay on your mind the most will be the things that show up in your life. We all have those days when we realize that what we thought would happen does, or someone we were thinking about calls. These things happen all the time but we just chalk it up as coincidence. You should know that the life you are currently living is all because of your thoughts.

Happy or not so happy, you created the life you are currently living. Is it the life you want?....Is how your living life today all that you dreamed? Or, are you waiting for something bigger and better?....I can tell you that if you are not focused on getting bigger things, better things, you can count on not getting them. So many people are waiting for their big break. but I can tell you there is no big break with out hard work, concentration, determination, and dedication. Yes, life is sometimes a puzzle, hard to figure out, but once you learn the rules of the game, you can change the outcome. The rules are the same and have not changed...


2. Seek and you shall find

3. Faith in the unseen.

These 3 rules can help you get the very things you want in life.

Learn to manifest all that is dear to you and your loved ones.

Change how you think, Do not think upon the things you do not want. This only brings you more of the unwanted.

Begin to train yourself to think positively, concentrating on all the good things you have and are about to receive.

Visualize the joy and happiness you will have when you reach your desired goal.

There is no time like the present to begin to achieve all your hopes and dreams, and the dreams you have for your family. Focus on all that you want, how you will achieve it, and what that looks like.

Give no thought about what you don't have. Give no thought to the lack of money or opportunity. See yourself winning, having, being , and doing. The Universe will take care of the rest.

Begin a journal, practice working on your thinking and write it down. You will surely begin to see the manifestations of your thoughts.

Everything thing you need is already given to you. It's time for you to start utilizing the tools.


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