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What are your "Go To" Beauty Items?

As much as I love makeup and love looking good, sometimes the routine that works best are the simple ones. I love a full face of #makeup, with everything looking chiseled. But achieving the look of a #Instagram Influencer is not always the most time efficient. So I wanted to share what my favorite go to items are and hopefully help you create a routine that is easy, efficient and leaves you looking beautiful. I typically always start out with good clean and moisturized skin. What items are you currently using? What needs to be ditched, and what items need to be replaced? Your skin care routine can be simple and easy or a little more intense on some days. On the daily I typically deep clean at night and do a quick water wash in the AM. I don't want to dry out my skin, by over cleansing.

If there are oils on your face from overnight don't fret, These oils are a good sign that your skin is breathing, and thriving and..... your natural oils fight off fine lines and wrinkles.

Most important item for me is #concealer. This is my life saver. Helps to brighten and open up the areas under and around the eye. I rarely go out without it. Dark circles sometimes develop over time with age or stress, On many occasions I will use concealer alone with no other face powder or foundation. If you do this, just make sure that you blend the product very well into the skin to create a seamless look. To glam my look up I like to wear eyelashes. Once I have on lashes there is no need for mascara, On most days I will use a powder foundation just to even out the skin and give me a smooth texture. Finish up with a bit of black eyeliner and some gloss and I am cute as a button. this clean and fresh look usually takes about 10 minutes. Now there are different variations to this look. You can keep it simple or glam it up.(which will take more time) Either way the key is to get a routine that is simple and easy to do, while also looking amazing. For those of you who do not wear lashes, mascara is a great replacement. What ever the routine , don't forget that it is not important to look like a beauty queen unless this is the look you are going for. Do what makes you happy! This month we are releasing our "#Beauty #Essentials Kit" The items have been chosen to help solve problems and keep you looking your best. The kit include 4/5 items including lip scrub to help remove dry cracked skin, #Lip Balm to help protect and nourish your kisser, A Tinted lip Salve that is so buttery it's perfect for both the lips and cheeks and will give you a wash of color that appears moist for a perfect glow. Our XL #Mascara is great for full lush lases and wont irritate the eyes. Last but not least our famous liquid lipstick for the perfect holiday red in two different shades to choose from. Highly pigments for bold bright color with staying power. All of our beauty items are cruelty free and safe for sensitive skin. I am super excited to get you these new items. I have been working hard at bringing you items that solve problems and help you feel and look good. What is your beauty routine? It's not always easy to find the items you want, so I hope that my suggestions help make the process easier. Id love to assist anyone that may need advice or tips. Please hit me up if your in need. I offer one on one and group sessions.

Have a blessed holiday season.

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