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Updating your look, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Who is ready for a overhaul? Today keeping up with what is

in style, and out of style is no easy thing to do. Looks change so quickly that it is much easier to just keep it simple and do your normal thing. But I find keeping things the same leave me bored and uninspired. We all need inspiration in some shape. Inspiration helps us to see things in a positive way. Being inspired by a new haircut, buying a new dress, or updating your living space creates good vibes and fills your soul with joy. With life being extra busy, with kids, a husband, work, and a ton of other things on your plate, I think taking time to do something for your self that feels good is the best way to find joy . When looking to make some updates, they do not have to be huge. Just something enough that sparks some good energy and allows you to spread that energy out into the universe. In return you Glow like and angle. This includes updating your goal list as well. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate your goal list. Cross off some things, and add some things. Working on your goals and pumping new life into them is vital if you're ever going to reach them. Take out some time to rethink the path that you are on. Are you headed down the road you intended, or did you take a detour? We have to revisit theses areas at times to help keep us focused. Keep that list visible, and constantly remind yourself of where you were, and where you are going. Keep it fresh! Upgrading your lifestyle is a topic most don't ideally concern themselves with. Day in and day out we just go about like robots doing the same thing. There is no new experience, or learning in the mundane. Allow your self to be stretched. shaken and stirred. So the big question is "How do I update my Look, Life, Home, Friends, Etc.? Here are few ways to do just that !

  1. Treat yourself to a facial, body massage or new makeup bag, and buy your self one new beauty product you have been wanting to try. And leave the guilt behind.

  2. Make a new list of goals, and compare it to your current list. Begin consolidating and taking steps to achieve unfinished items on your list. Look at your list daily and commit to small steps to help you get to where you want to go.

  3. 3. Freshen up your home, with some new throw pillows, Holiday kitchen towels, and or some new fancy plug ins to perk up the air in the home. Creating good vibes.

  4. 4. Talk to someone new. Smile at a stranger,, and or pay it forward by surprisingly paying for someone's coffee. Giving opens up your heart and fills you will love.

  5. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!!! This is the biggest question.....Do you Know what you want? If you don't know you can't work towards getting it. Be specific and focus on what you really desire.

There are many ways to update your current situation, in order to bring balance and joy. Try some of these tips, and share your own. You deserve the very best, taking care of you first, will allow you to Glow. When you glow you spark change in others.

Sylvia C. Kelsey

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