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The Stories We Tell

How do we move past the stories we tell our selves? Many of us are holding on to past failures and old ideas and never moving into a true awareness of self. It is difficult to let go of the pain caused by someone you cared about. Someone you thought would never mistreat you., or a job you thought you would never leave. Many of us at some time in life will face hurt, and betrayal. and knowing how to move through and out of the stories in our heads is the difficult part. Understand that when you constantly go over in your mind the circumstances that occurred, you take yourself through the event over and over again. Replaying the images, the words said and feelings felt, only proves that it really happened. It does not take away the pain, or the fear. It does not give you a different outcome or make you feel better. It is important to acknowledge what happened, accept it, forgive those involved and forgive yourself. As we travel through life, we must understand that we are the creator of our circumstances. We get the very things we put out. Often times we allow ourselves to leap into situations that we know are not in our best interest, only to find that years later we are kicking ourselves for not doing what we know we should have. What you must know is that everything that has transpired has been a lesson . Every choice we make, every step we take there is a lesson in it, and you get to determine the very outcome.

It is important to block negative stories and self talk. Decide that you will persevere and play an active part in creating the life you truly want. USE YOUR PAIN TO MAKE YOU BETTER AND BETTER THE LIVES OF OTHERS.....

How do you move past the reoccurring negative and doubtful thoughts in your mind? How do you begin to use your pain to heal your self? For every negative word that pops in your mind you must block it with a positive one. Every time you begin to think about past events that where hurtful you must say to your self, "I am bigger and better and I am moving forward"

You must immediately stop the thoughts and show your self love and compassion. Stay focused on the moment and know that you have the power to suppress the inner negative voice. As you journey through daily, be mindful of your surroundings. Be deliberate in what you take in, the music you listen to, the TV you watch, and the people you are around. All of these outside influences impact us greatly. You are not alone, you are not the only one hearing the voices and the negative talk. We all battle daily to suppress and rise above the thoughts . It is a constant reminder that we must stay focused and we must stay positive and we must know that we were made for more. YOU were made for more. Begin a new journey of self awareness and positive thinking. Renew your mind and body by expecting greatness in your life. Know that you serve a greater purpose and that you get to live out that purpose by your own design. Harness the power you hold .

You have greatness inside of you, and it is your time to shine. Love your self, love those around you and share your love with the world.

You are very close , don't give up on yourself, and don't stop. Change your story and begin to live the life you truly desire to have.

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