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#Monday Mindset

What POWER? you ask.  You have power inside of you. The will to create and decide how this day and everyday after will end. Many are waking up without purpose, simply controlled by the pre-fabricated life you have come to know. to get up get dressed and go to a job your not 100% happy with. You struggle with getting out of bed and tell your self..."just a few more minutes". Why do we continue to do the same things over and over that do not make us happy? You have Power inside of you.... When you find your true purpose you will ignite that power that I speak of. It will help you jump up with joy, ready to seize the day. It will motivate you to move and make things in your life happen. Too many of us have given up, convinced yourself that you are happy, that mediocracy is okay. Life is so precious, and given to us in order that we may have the desires of our hearts. What do you desire and are you working towards those things. Nothing changes unless you change. Find your POWER!

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