Look for the signs

Do you ever find yourself unable to focus? Unable to actually finish a project,

I often find my self jumping from one thing to do, to the next. Even when I am in the middle of something, my brain switches, and I exit that particular task, and immediately into another. I find my self sitting and staring at the computer screen, with no clear intention. It is like I am forcing my self to be productive. But the more I force, the more I stare, the less gets done. Frustrated and feeling defeated I am at a loss . I want to be productive, and produce evidence of hard work but unfortunately it's not happening. What I found is that in order to be productive some times you have to be led. An opportunity must present it self. Something must give you purpose. I am self employed so I must consider my purpose daily and look for the opportunity to execute. We have been so conditioned to have an unwavering work ethic, work hard, long un- interrupted hours, or we don't feel accomplished. Working like this will sometimes leave you drained and unfulfilled. I have learned to let go of the need to always be doing. Just because I am typing, scrolling, and searching does not mean I am being productive. I am really just using up valuable time doing nothing that will produce anything. So what is One to do?

I am listing a few items that have helped me let go and just ALLOW.