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Look for the signs

Do you ever find yourself unable to focus? Unable to actually finish a project,

I often find my self jumping from one thing to do, to the next. Even when I am in the middle of something, my brain switches, and I exit that particular task, and immediately into another. I find my self sitting and staring at the computer screen, with no clear intention. It is like I am forcing my self to be productive. But the more I force, the more I stare, the less gets done. Frustrated and feeling defeated I am at a loss . I want to be productive, and produce evidence of hard work but unfortunately it's not happening. What I found is that in order to be productive some times you have to be led. An opportunity must present it self. Something must give you purpose. I am self employed so I must consider my purpose daily and look for the opportunity to execute. We have been so conditioned to have an unwavering work ethic, work hard, long un- interrupted hours, or we don't feel accomplished. Working like this will sometimes leave you drained and unfulfilled. I have learned to let go of the need to always be doing. Just because I am typing, scrolling, and searching does not mean I am being productive. I am really just using up valuable time doing nothing that will produce anything. So what is One to do?

I am listing a few items that have helped me let go and just ALLOW.

  1. When you find your self like me staring at the computer screen with no real purpose. Walk away. Do something other then sit and stare, trying to get lemonade out of limes. Bad analogy I know, but you get what I mean, Go for a walk, listen to music, or just chill.

  2. I am big on making lists. So when you find yourself in the abyss, start jotting down what ever comes to mind. This could be goals, things to do, things you want or need. Maybe it's a project idea that needs more thought. Just don't force this process it will either flow or it won't. And flowing is better then forcing.

  3. It's okay to be stuck, without a plan. When this happens it is the best opportunity to listen. Meditation is a great way to re center. Sit quietly, expecting nothing but stillness. Allow your spirit to speak to you. It will guide you and help you move into purpose.

  4. Know that you are on the right track. Know that this empty time is really an opportunity to rest, relax and allow the universe to work on your behalf. Sometimes it is difficult to move because the alignment is not perfect. We all have built in navigational systems, and much like #MAPS or #WAYZ when you are going in the wrong direction your internal #GPS will spin you around until you are on the right path. When we use our #GPS systems we surrender and allow the device to lead us in the right direction. We give up control and trust that the systems know exactly how to get us to our destination. Well, it is the same for your internal #GPS. It will stop your process when it is not in alignment with your purpose.

  5. Don't Fight the process. Don't force it or try to manipulate it. When things are slipping through the cracks, it is a good indication that you should let go and trust that your inner being knows best.

  6. It does not indicate failure. Not being able to finish a project, idea or goal is not failure. It is simply a new opportunity to change directions. Always look for the signs. Life comes with road maps.

Each and every day is a new opportunity to allow greatness to flow through you. When we let go of the wheel, listen, relax and allow, everything you ever wanted or needed will show up in your travels. And when you are really good at letting go , your hopes and dreams flow quickly and abundantly. Note to self, It's okay to not know the way, Let go and allow your built in #GPS to do the work for you.

If you enjoy reading this blog, help me grow. Please share. All comments welcome.

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