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How to cleanse negative energy

In today's world with so much to keep up with, sometimes it is hard to get a moment to yourself and just be still. As technology speeds up keeping the same pace is not easy. Giving your mind, body and spirit the opportunity to reset and rest is important. Taking care of you is vital to living your best life. Cleansing out any old energy and negative properties weather in your home, work, car, or within your personal space learning how to cleanse will allow you more freedom to really enjoy life. Having a peaceful and meaningful cleanse is going to keep you focused and fruitful. Here are a few simple ways to cleanse your negative energy. Make energy cleansing a part of your daily wellness routine, It leaves you feeling more clear, more balanced and able to make better decisions. You don't have to take a class or be a master healer to cleanse. All you need is the will to have a peaceful more meaningful life.

1. Burning sage is one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting rid of negative energy. It works by neutralizing your energy field, a subtle yet powerful process that sharpens and enhances intuition. light a sage stick and blow on it until it begins to gently smoke. Start your cleansing ritual by opening the back door and smudging the frame, this will protect your home from toxins that can seep in from the outside.

2 Try burning the sacred Palo Santo wood, which has a sweet and comforting aroma. As you waft the smoke around using a feather will help move the smoke thru the air and up, to help get rid of negative energy. Feel free to sing or repeat any mantra that resonates with your spirit. " Thank you, protect us, cleanse this house. “.. take a moment to smudge tight spaces where energy often gets stagnant, including closets, hallways, and bathrooms.

3. Use a soft meditative music or the sound of water to help bring peace and tranquility to the space. Music is a great way to ward off negative energy.

4. Be sure to go to every corner of the home, as well as making sure to end at the open front door and tell all negative energy to leave. You can either smudge out the sage and Palo Santo wood, or place it in tray to let it burn out on its own for extra cleansing.

5. Salt is also a great way to draw out negative energy. Moving into a new home? Put salt in to the 4 corners of every room for 48 hours, to draw out any impurities left behind from the previous owners , or to clear any signs of illness or bad energy.

After 48 hours vacuum or sweep up the salt and flush down the toilet.

6 Most important is keeping a open and positive mindset. Do not allow negative thoughts to cloud you or ruin your cleanse.

Staying positive and creating a positive outlook on life is going to help you feel better and lead a more joyful life.

Happy cleansing.

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