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Flawless fall skin.

Maintaining healthy skin can be a challenge once the weather begins to get chilly.

With less sun and cooler days your skin can become dry and dull looking. With the extra dry air from using the heat your skin can loose its healthy summer glow. We are not just talking about your face, total body care is what is on the list. How to keep your skin looking good with out skipping a beat.

1. Up your body shampoo and use a cream base cleanser with moisturizers to drench your skin with feel good suds.

2. Use a body and face oil immediately after cleansing to help lock in moisture. Be sure to follow up with a cream based moisturizer.

3.Using an old school trick like slathering Vaseline on the feet at night and covering with your favorite fuzzy socks is a great way to keep heals from cracking and splitting.

4. Don't forget to pamper your hands and cuticles. The brisk air can be brutal so be sure to keep your favorite hand cream or serum close. Hand scrub and cuticle oil at night before bed to keep hands supple and soft.

5. Your lips will need extra care during the winter month. Because the skin on the lips turn over so quickly, drying and cracking can happen often. Be sure to remove any cracked skin every night . Using a sugar scrub will help to remove loose skin. Feel free to use a moisturizing mask on the lips to help seal in moisture. Follow up with a hydrating lip balm before bed. In the morning be sure to lather the lips again with a lighter lip cream to keep lips for drying up, then use your favorite hydrating lipstick or gloss

5. Drink plenty of water to help from the inside out. Add some Avocado and peanuts and salmon to your diet to help as well. Essential fatty acids work from the inside out.

Enjoy getting to know your body and skin, and what works for you. Having great skin this winter is achievable. Everyone has a holiday party this year so looking your best is the only option. Do it with great glowing skin.

Try these options for great total body skin care.






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