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Finding Your way in a sea of Instagram beauties.

With beauty being this huge monstrosity that leaves everything to chance, how do you find your place in this plethora of information that changes with the wind? The tips and tricks rapidly move from in one day and out the next. I could not understand why I was having such a difficult time enjoying this new beauty journey. I was scrolling through the colorful photoshop'd images and how to videos in search of real solutions for my own cosmetic and skin care needs and found it exhausting. I had to come to terms with the fact that I am not twenty-something , and that most of the things i see are not for women my age.

I have been afforded the luxury of great genetics. At 48 I have no clear signs of wrinkles, my skin care regimen is simple to complex at times and If I could try every beauty treatment in the world I would. I love makeup and love looking polished. Helping women understand their beauty needs is a passion of mine, and helping them to successfully navigate their own beauty journey is the goal. Many women, in my opinion have given up on the grind of applying makeup having perfect hair and looking polished daily. How can you blame them when everything we see is so perfect.

Women find themselves working so hard climbing so many ladders that they put their own personal beauty ideals aside. Using excuses like "I cant look a certain way in the office," or saying they just don't have the time. How does one complete with such beautiful images placed at our fingertips every second of the day? Seeing such impeccable photos is what hinders many including myself. . I had to stop using images seen on Instagram as a tool to measure my own beauty. I had to look at myself and ask questions relevant to my life and style. What it is that I wanted, and how could I create a beauty story that represented me . How do I help women realize their own personal beauty as well as how to get them back in the fight.

I am here to encouraging women to stop making excuses and motivating them to understand that feeling and looking beautiful can alter ones entire outlook on life. Finding a place of your own to feel beautiful, and not measuring ourselves against the images on social media is the first step. Beauty is more then skin deep.....this cliche is what we say and another excuse to give many a pass for not putting forth effort into the way they look daily. We understand that beauty is not all about makeup and hair , but it is the makeup and hair that helps us to glow from the inside even if we start from the outside.

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