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Expand Your Horizons

Horizons are clearly your personal perception. As with everything in life, each individual has a different view of the world. This is what makes each of us different. The way we see things. We as humans can look at the very same situation, and each one sees a very different view. This is what makes us special. It is our hearts and minds that actually us to see some many different views to one subject. It is not really our eyes that see.

Our lives are a make up of past experiences. How we operated day to day is based upon our innate wisdom and experience, and this is what governs the actions we take moving forward. Each person will use his or her wisdom to navigate the road ahead. Deciding how to use your wisdom in the direction that serves you best is not always the easiest. People who harbor hurt tend to move a bit more cautiously for fear or receiving similar treatment from someone new. Those who have been betrayed by a friend of business often times harbor distrust and apprehension about doing something new. How you analyze a situation can deeply affect how you move. Moving past hurt and distrust can be difficult.

It can leave you in a distant place of sadness. Knowing that you have the power to move past unfortunate circumstance and still remain consistent and purposeful in your life is key. Understand that without trials and tribulation, there can be no triumph. Without disappointment and pain, we cannot understand real joy and peace. You must not allow your self to get caught up emotionally in what someone else had done or is doing. Do not allow what has happened to you or someone you care about to reflect who you are as an individual. Your job is to know that you have the power to control any an all situations by how you react to them.

If you harbor on a bad thing it only looks worse. How you perceive things that come up in your life is most likely the Universe testing your ability to flow and grow to a higher thought process. As we move in this world, and live our most purposeful life, be reminded that in order to expand your horizons you must have an open heart and mind. Without these two things in sync, we keep ourselves from truly living full and abundantly. We remain blind to truth and condemn ourselves to one view. The one only our eyes can see. Here are a few tips to help you widen your view and receive all the good things Your God wants you to have.

1. Know that If you come up against opposition, you have the ability to turn a situation around by how you react to it. Take a second to think in the moments you have before reacting. Know that you get to choose the path you will take and understand that whatever you are presented with is the universe asking you to open your heart and your mind.

2. Open up to what is available to you. We live in a big universe, and we are allowed to ask for what ever we want. Do not fear asking. For if you don’t ask you don’t receive. We often times do not enjoy the many benefits of life because we don’t ask, and we feel as we do not deserve. We settle for what is here and now, convincing ourselves that what we have is good enough. But we then cause ourselves to suffer more, for feeling incomplete and unsatisfied.

3. Know that we are all connected, the energy that is within you, is within those around you. What you put out you will get back. Remember to be purposeful in whom you associate your self with. Surround yourself with like minded individuals trying to serve a higher purpose. Connect with someone on fire for living and throws caution to the wind.

4. Don’t be afraid to dream big, the bigger the dream the wider your horizon. When you dream big you open up yourself to opportunity. Always see the glass half full. Always give more than you think you can, always know that you have all the power you need to be the best you, You can be.

5. Don’t only use your eyes to see. We have so much more sight when we use our hearts, our minds and our ears. All of these together change your perception and ultimately help you to see on a higher level.

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