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Diet Dilemma, can you lose the weight?

How many times have you come to a new year, and declare, I' m losing weight this year, this is the year I reach my full potential and achieve all of my goals.? Like you I have made statements like this year after year, only to find my self frustrated and overweight.

Time and time again, I buy books, and read articles trying to find a solution. What I have found over the years is that the solution is not as hard as we think . The solution has everything to do with doing what you know works for you and staying consistent in that.

For instance, years ago whilst trying to achieve a certain goal eating small high protein meals 6 times a day helped me slim my waist and helped me to fit into what I thought was ideal for me. That was 15 years ago. The same diet does not work for me today. I am older, and hormones have a lot to do with how I lose and gain weight. I was also a huge advocate of using the gym and making sure to get my exercise at least 3-5 days a week. I even became an aerobics instructor to help me maintain my size. But once again, I would always slowly climb back up to numbers that didn't make feel sexy or fit. So how do we find the proper diet (I don't like to call eating certain foods to loose weight a diet). How do we find a solution for keeping the unwanted weight off? I know many individuals that use different things to help them achieve their weight loss goals. Everyone has their ideas, and methods for losing and keeping the weight off. The one thing I believe is that you have to do things that work for #your body type, and give you results without the stress of starving yourself, or killing yourself in the gym. I'm sharing a few of my favorites with you that have worked for me. The important thing is to never give up, keep trying and focus on feeling good, and the rest will happen.

Visualize how you want to see yourself, and think abut how you would look and feel at your ideal weight.

Don't beat yourself up to much if you have a bad day, it takes a lot of bad days to to derail your goal, but 1 or even 2 wont hurt, just be sure to get back at it.

Working out has always been a passion of mine, it is not only great for the body, but it is especially great for the mind. The body releases so many endorphins when you work out, it clears the mind, and fuels the cells in the body, it is really beneficial. If you can walk daily outside or , walk in place, even for a few minutes a day your body will thank you.

Understanding what you body needs now, apposed to what your body needed 5 years ago. Just like the seasons your body changes, and requires a different set of rules to get in shape. Now that I am older, I am not as limber, I can't run as long, and feeling stiff has become a reminder of my age. But I wont let it stop me from giving my body what it needs to keep me strong. It is important to me not that I am very slim, but how my clothes fit. So I work hard at maintaining the current weight I am. How, I've been using several methods that have helped me maintain and even lose more.

I'm sure you all know about Keto. Well Keto for me has been a great way to jumps start weight loss. You get to eat, which was key for me. And eat well I did. I love eggs, meat veggies, bring them on. Here is a link to help you learn more about keto.

Exercise is a huge factor, but also knowing what your physical body can withstand will help you achieve your goals. You do not have to kill yourself in the gym everyday, Just finding ways to get in some steps , a little strength training , maybe some yoga to get blood flowing is all you need.

Take one day at a time, set a goal and stick to it. Find joy in the process and do not make it such a job to lose weight. Choose foods you enjoy, and sit down and share a beautiful homemade meal with someone. Cooking your own food is a great way to control what goes in and on the plate.

Start off small, and if your not full by the time your finish, sure go back for a 2nd taste. If you start out with a mound of food, we tend to eat it all even if we are no long hungry.

Stay hydrated. Drinking your water daily is also a great way to ward of the munchies, and the need to snack. And if you must snack, then reach for fresh apples, and a nice pear. Great for fiber and digestion.

I know you all have what it takes to reach your desired goals no matter what they are.

The key is to set the goal, then take action and follow thru, don't give up on you!

Happy New Year.


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