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Developing A Master Plan

Even the best laid plans have glitches. As we learn and grow in this fast paced world of new technology, sometimes switching up your plan can help you take a turn for the better. Creating a plan is the surest way to help complete a goal. Many times we wander aimlessly, unsure on how to complete a task because we have never laid out a foundation. Your plan should have several moving parts. These moving parts are going to help you navigate through the different phases of your idea, project and or vision. What is your Idea, should be first on the list. What are your are trying to accomplish? Once you have your idea in place, you should begin brainstorming, what you need in order to make this idea come to life. What will it cost, what does it need, do you need help, these are all things that bring you closer to executing the plan.

Do your research. Make sure that you have the information you need to move forward. Learn from a mentor, books, videos, and just plain on ole God given talent. Implement the small things that don't require money and a lot of time. Like, creating your business name and logo, designing your purpose, and or work space. What is your mission, and who does your idea help or serve. These little things are actually the core of the building blocks.

The little things help you to shape your ideas into tangible evidence of the work you have done. Every idea takes time and patience and sometimes many failures,but this is how we learn. Learning to grow through the ups and downs of building a dream is how you build tenacity. Remember, that You get to design exactly what You want, but be willing to flex and bend when the time comes, because it will come.

Learn to get out in front of issues, and always looking for improvement. Most of all do not stop , do not give up. Some time we give up too soon, and never realize the vision. Develop an attitude of determination and drive, learn to block negative self talk, and become someone who follows thru. We have not , not because we fail to ask, but because we fail to believe that we can have. It's the last quarter in this year. though it may feel as if time is moving slow, time is continuous, never stops and waits on no one.

What ever your goal, vision or dream , don't wait until 2020 to start. Start today. Lay your plans out, build a foundation and pursue the goal. You can have the life you desire, but if you don't know what that looks like how can you achieve it.?

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