Declare your victory.

Declaration | Definition of Declaration by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › declaration1 : an act of formally or confidently stating something. 2 : something formally or confidently stated or a document containing such a statement the Declaration of Independence. declaration. noun. dec·​la·​ra·​tion.

Day after day we awake ready to conquer the world. A new day to accomplish the tasks that we have set for our selves, Weather it's take the kids to school, go to work, go to the gym, clean the house. We all set out to execute an unwritten goal.

Normally, we don't officially look out our household duties, or things we do for the family as goals. Those things are only a small part of normal life. Or are they?

Many people are failing even at accomplishing those things we call small.

We should begin to look at everything in our life as significant. We do so many mundane things that bring us no reward and we end up feeling unaccomplished in the very things that are necessary in the day to day activities of life.

If you want to truly be victorious and happy with the big things you want to accomplish in life, start first by claiming victory in the small things.

Start Declaring your objective.