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Day5. Gratitude

How wonderful it is that we get the opportunity to live as humans on this planet. We as individuals are rulers over the very ground that we walk on. With each waking moment we get the opportunity to create unlike are creatures that walk on all fours. On this 5th day I asked you to think about how grateful you are grateful for the good and the bad the ups and the downs, and all the things in between. Being grateful for just about any and everything in your life will open up doors of manifestation and abundance. When you allow yourself to understand that when we are grateful for what we have we can be content and know that everything that we have asked is already given to us. Even when we don't agree with the way things are going, and when we are unsure about the out

comes ahead, we can continue to be grateful. knowing that everything is working out in our favor. Part of getting the things you want is asking and believing that you have been granted that very thing. And then being grateful even when you don't see it.

Today make a list of everything you are grateful for, know that it is on it's way. If you have not already received it be patient feel good about your hope and be still.

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