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Day3 Healing time

As we move into day three , I pray you all are reading your list and visualizing the things you desire. I want you to acknowledge any hurt that may be going on inside. Something you have pushed down to the deepest depths of your soul. But like a ball in water no matter how far down into the deep you push it will always resurface. If your dealing with hurt and pain it's time to call it out! Holding your hurt in causes conflict in the brain. I want your mind, body and spirit to be in alignment so that your desires come to fruition. We all have experienced hurt, let us now replace that hurt with joy. Write down why you are hurting who hurt you and what it did to you. Next write what you have learned through the journey of your hurt. Write 10 positive affirmations that you now have because of that journey. Then thank the universe for the lesson.

Understand that you are better and deserve better. Holding on to people, places,and things, will keep you bound and tied. We are all pure positive energy that needs to flow throughout constantly. When your moving in positive motion, good things come to you. The universe delivers what you have asked.

On this day 3 remember to ask for what you want. Visualize what you want and feel it inside. Replacing the hurt with peace and joy .

Now that you know how to get rid of the hurt you can receive all that you want. I hope you all take 15 min a day to meditate and just be. This will help you get into alignment. Amazing things are on the way , Cant you feel it?

Today I want you to just because you can.

2. Be grateful for the good and the bad

3. Feel the love you have for yourself and everything around you.

4. Remember you are in control and you have the power to create the life you want.

Be sure before bed that you calm your spirit, pray, think positive thoughts and focus on all that you want.

Happy manifesting!!

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