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Day 6 &7 Patience

Having patience is probably one of the most difficult attributes to have. The ability to wait and to understand that many things take time to flourish. On this journey to manifestation, it is important to constantly remind yourself that although you cannot see the manifestation, with strong knowing and honest belief your Hope's will come true. Patience can be a huge factor in how you handle the time in between asking and getting. During the gestation period use that time to speak positive and confidently. Do not doubt or feel dismayed. Speak life into your desired hope. Feel happy for what will be and be grateful. Smile and know that you are in possession of that very thing you want. The more patience you have, the less time you spend worrying. Once you put your desire out in the Universe, know that it will come back as a living and breathing thing. But don't sit around waiting, go on in day to day living ,hoping and being happy.

Patience is a great characteristic to have. You learn so much about yourself.

Continue to meditate daily? Being grateful for all that you have and all that will come.

Open your heart and feel abundance all around you.

Have a glorious weekend.

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