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Day 4. Change

On day 4 of our 10 days to manifesting what you want, if you are not aware of any change it is okay.

If you are consistent and following the plan change will begin to happen.

We are reconditioning the mind to do things we never put a focus on.

During this next 6 days it is important that you understand that in order to see change you must be the change yourself. Heart, mind, body, and spirit. You put aside old thought patterns of beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing greater joy and success. Be aware and open to new possibilities. Continue to expect those things you are hoping for, imagine your life exactly as you want it, Not just one day but every day. If it is love you want imagine yourself giving love , if it's money you want imagine someone giving you some money or an unexpected check coming in the mail. Dream your biggest dream then live as if you already know you have been given that very thing. Trust in the natural cycle of change. Change is always for your well being. Change comes in order to push you into your purpose. Today make sure that you are embracing your new found openness, celebrate your successes from day 1. and expect a miracle on it's

way. Keep your heart open and your light shining. Change is a blessing, Embrace this most positive time. Know that change is always making way for something new.

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