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Day 2. New Beginnings

As we go into day 2 focused on creating, it's a great time to feel new and refreshed. Old things and thoughts are in the past. We are letting go of bad energy and are opening up our hearts, our mind, and our spirit to Newness. New outlooks of positive energy flow. A new awareness of your power and your strength. Today embrace your growth and good vibrations. Now it's time to get rid of the "what you dont want list, and focus only on what you do what. See yourself full , abundant and prosperous. Embrace the joy that comes along with having everything you desire. You are special, and worthy, and powerful. You have greatness inside of you.

Today stay focused on feeling good. Smile and know that you are in control. Nothing bothers you today. You dont allow anything negative to disrupt your flow. You ignore gossip and drama. You walk in peace. Today concentrate on what you want to manifest in the days ahead. Take a few mins throughout the day to visualize what it is you want and smile with joy because you know it is already yours.

Before bed read your list outloud feel all the goodness in it and be thankful.

Happy Monday , Get ready for your miracle!

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