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Changing your lipstick formula in the winter

If your like most women who wear makeup you know how important it is to update your makeup bag regularly. It's important to make sure you keep items in your bag that help keep your look fresh. I know that many women have items for the warmer months, as well as for the cooler months. When there is more sun during the spring and summer we have to adjust our foundations and concealers, because we tend to get darker. The same goes for the fall and winter months. Your colors may be a bit lighter because we have adjust to not being as tan. In the cooler months I use more chap stick and lip moisturizer to help keep my lips from becoming dry and cracked. the winter air can be brutal. Switching my lip formula is also one of the things I do when the weather starts to cool off. Going from a matte lipstick to creme really helps my lips stay hydrated. Although I lose some of the staying power of the matte, I enjoy having a pouty lip with beautiful shine. To help my creme lipstick last longer I apply 2 layers . In between layers I blot with a light powder then reapply the same color on top. This will help your lips to look full, and the color will last longer.

Don't forget to scrub your lips a few times a week at night and apply a rich moisturizer to keep the lips from flaking.

Winter is a great time to experiment with lots of cool tones you wouldn't ordinarily wear. So be sure to switch it up find products that will have a higher level of natural butters, waxes, and/or oils. That means mango, shea, or coconut butter, and any sort of seed oil,

And ingredients like

Vitamin E

and hyaluronic acid are always beneficial,

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