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Change Not Consistency

Do you ever wonder why you cant get from point A to point B? You do the things that have always worked for you. For what ever reason you can't seem to get thru to that next level in your plan. Your Stuck. Here are a few tips to help you get out and get moving again.

1. consistency is not always the best avenue, doing the same thing over and over because the first time you got results is not always the case. Evaluate where you are. Come up with a new plan of action. Find others like your self that can offer you suggestions to help.

2. Create a list of what has worked and has not worked. Mark the successful moments and the not so successful. Create a new list of things to do, and how to make change.

Sometimes you will have to move out of order, but as long as you keep moving things will fall into place.

3. Work the plan. Just because you don't see things moving don't give up. you have to put in some hard work and possibly long hours to see change. The key thing is that all the work is preparing you for the success at the end. It will come. Patience and perseverance is key. Don't give up now, your almost there.

Be open to change. If it's not working change it. If you hit a wall, turn the other way, Change is what pushes us into those place we ultimately want to go.

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