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Careful Consideration

In the last few weeks, we have all been challenged with the task of excepting a new normal. Changing how we operate as a country has had its eye-opening moments. Being ordered to stay inside has left many feeling out of control of their own lives. However, it makes you feel, I ask that you keep in mind a few things. We all have opportunity to use this time as a tool for advancement or as a hindrance. What you choose can impact your life and the lives around you drastically. Know that this is a great time to plan. Making a list of things you want and don't want. Think about where you are and where you would like to be. We have all been made to slow down a bit. If you are working from home and traveling less take advantage of what you have gained. Time!

Use this time to set some things in motion that you have been putting off. Spending time mending broken fences and regaining prospective. As our restrictions are slowly lifted make sure to take careful consideration for your safety and the safety of others. Continue to follow healthy guidelines that can save your life. We are not totally out of the woods, and it's important that you stay reminded.

1. wash your hands, after, coughing, sneezing into them and after each restroom use.

2. cough, sneeze into your inner arm.

3. stay 6ft away from individuals as much as possible

4. if you feel ill or are getting sick stay home

5. wear masks and gloves when possible.

6. protect yourself and those around you by making good healthy choices.

I am grateful for this little moment in time that has allowed us to reflect on what is most important. This too shall pass.

But this may be our new normal.

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