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A Much Needed Shift

We can all feel it, the air is thick, uncertainty paralyzes many households around this country. We were forced to shut down our economy due to a deadly disease. Shelter in place, don;t shake hands, kiss, or hug. Stay in your home, and don't go to work. Who in the world would have ever thought that we would endure times such as these. If Covid-19 was not enough, the deaths of so many African American individuals by law enforcement has now gotten to a breaking point and the people of this country are fed up. Black people are fed up. Here we are again, reliving the protests and riots, that filtered through the 1960's. What will it take for everyone to be on one common ground?

I believe a shift is needed. Not only in the way things are handled on a local, state and federal level, but a shift needs to happen on a mental and spiritual level of most individuals in this country.

It is the mindset of individuals that keep us so blind to what privilege really is.

When we look deep inside ourselves and ask serious questions and look for real answers, maybe then we can tap into the ultimate power of unity.

Many people are hurting, lost, helpless,and angry. People are well within their right to feel this way. I stand with our community along side those advocating for change. I deal with racial profiling everyday. I am expected to turn a cheek and be the bigger person. Keep my head down and don't draw attention to your self.

But I too am tired. Just see me as who I am. Look past the color of my skin. forget about the ideals in your head about what or who you thought I was. I too have accomplishments, and triumphs that make me more than a Black woman. I too have children that I love and a family that I want to protect. I too work hard to create the American dream.

I lift up those individuals who are heartbroken and lost in despair. This to shall pass. I only pray that others find enlightenment, love and a renewed spirit. Change starts in the mind.

It has to be a mind shift.

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