Here we are again, we were spared and given another chance to inhabit this space we are in.

Each week I reflect on my past days because it is how I am able to remember that like you tomorrow in not promised to me.

I work hard at living day by day, minute by minute, not focusing too much on the past or too far in the future. For me looking too far ahead only creates a spiral of worry. I want to share something someone told me just last night. While at my 3rd job, yes, my 3rd job, I will explain in another story. A gentleman said to me, He was told..." it is better to prepare than to repair".

After repeating it several times, we both marveled at how profound this quote was. Now this is someone I recently met, and we come from different backgrounds, have different jobs and probably like different things, but in this moment, it showed me just how alike we are. Despite our background, and our race, despite whether you are rich or poor, we are all fighting the same circumstance, and suffer the consequences of life when we are unprepared. How many, are preparing daily for what you want your life to be? Or, are you so busy repairing the things and situations around you, that you nearly have any time to prepare?

This is a question I had to ask myself. For years I worked really hard and working, and pushing, but I don’t think i was ever really preparing. I was living and repairing as my life unfolded. Many of us, go through life, never really giving thought to where we are and where we are trying to go. We get in to a flow and allow time to just come and go without any real thought of what is truly possible. On this Thank God It's Friday post, I want you to write down,


Write this on a piece of paper, make sure the text is large, and I want you to post/tape it to the mirror in your bathroom. Put it on the fridge in the kitchen, put it on the dash in your car. I want you to get this quote into your subconscious. Let’s begin to live with purpose. It's time to live life on your terms not on the terms that being unprepared has served