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Friday! What a favorite day of most individuals. Friday seems to be the day of the week thought of most. Well, maybe not as much as Monday. Week after week we continuously anticipate Friday as if it were the last day we would ever get. For some it is. Some of us do not get as many Friday's as others. Each Friday I want to remind you why I say TGIF or Thank God It's Friday. If you woke up this Friday morning, you have a lot to be grateful for. Around the world on this same Friday the 15th of March 2019, many men and women did not wake up, and because of this there are lives that will be changed forever. Thankfully if you are reading this you have been given another opportunity to live life as you will. I employ you to listen closely to that still voice inside of you. The one that is there to guide you and protect you. We all have that voice inside. Learning how to discern what and where it comes from is important. Understanding that it is not nearly your subconscious talking but your inner spirit pushing you to be great. We don’t always listen to it, but it speaks often. Learning how to obey that small voice inside and believing in your personal journey will help you go to the next level in life. Knowing what it is when you hear it is half the battle. The tough part is doing what it says. Remember you have to give up some things along the way sometimes but prepare and pursue with purpose. You never know when your Friday will be your last one. Why not treat each day as your last.

Start preparing for your dream, help someone else realize theirs, and work to make your world better. I’m grateful for this Friday for I am alive and well. I have spoken goodness and greatness into the World, and I have received greatness and goodness in return. You have power inside of you. Use it well. Bless others and grow your blessings.

Happy Friday.!!

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