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Thank God it's Friday. As we end the week I hope these words will help you to move into the weekend inspired to do more.

What did you do this week to help you grow? What planning did you do to move you into your purpose? As we walk daily, and work daily, lets not forget to dream daily. Many of us have been dreaming of a different life, different way of living, and finding it difficult to navigate and see change. Be reminded that in order to see change you have to do something different.

Do not keep letting weeks and months go by Friday after Friday, only to wake up Monday morning unable to execute change. I understand that fear is the biggest component of change, and that sometimes it's circumstance or the people in our lives that keep us from changing. You have to be serious about what you want. You have to understand that you and you alone have to take that leap of faith, and no one else can do it for you. I encourage you to push yourself. Genuinely ask yourself what it is you desire. Once you truly know what it is you desire, than you can begin to research and map it out to get it. You are not alone. Time is on your side, and you can have what it is your desire. I believe in you and you have what it takes, but you must be willing to put in the work. When I jumped I believed God would catch me. I was fearful and it was challenging. I have had bad days, and days when I didn't know where to turn. through it all God sheltered me, He fed me and He made sure I had what I needed. He assured me that I would soon receive what I wanted in due time. Don't give up faith.

Don't let your surroundings change your heart. Believe you can, know you can and work on what you can everyday of the week. One small step at a time is all you need. You have what it takes, You have greatness inside of you.

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