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21st Day

Hey Yall! Hope everyone is feeling good on this 21st day of the year 2021 in this 21st #century. I've been on a high all day. I had three job interviews, a very long insightful talk with my the end he said " dang mom we just did a pod cast" lol. We should start one. I'm so grateful for my eldest son. God has truly blessed him. At 29 years old his thought process is that of a well seasoned and wise old man. I wanted to find out what you all have planned for this year? The election is over and hopefully all of the chaos as well. I pray you guys have put away your worrisome thoughts and are seeking brighter days ahead. Sometimes it's hard to leave the negative energy behind but I pray you realize that it does not help you . It's a great time to switch on your positive vibe meter and listen for the buzz. Yeah the buzz. That feel good buzzing sound you hear when you are not allowing negative vibes in. It lifts your spirit and keeps you flying at a nice and easy altitude. One that is easy to control. You're probably saying "what is she talking about" well let me explain.

When you are flying at a safe altitude typically the pilot will say :you may now move about the cabin....the seat belt sign has been turned off. You're free to safely enjoy the ride. Imagine....30.000 feet up and you are walking around happy ,,, eating watching movies in route to your destination. Same rules apply down on the ground. When you block negative vibes and stay focused on feeling good your positive vibes will make way for easy riding. You will have the green light to walk about undisturbed by madness. I have a mantra I repeat all day everyday it is...

"Everything is working out for me" I repeat this morning, noon and night. No matter what life throws my way I always repeat my #mantra. So much that when I awake my spirit says it. I've been practicing positive #affirmations for over 6 years every day , I listen to sleep #meditation regularly I write down my goals and #dreams and I trust the process. I determine the outcome. And I fly about knowing that I will receive the things I have asked for. I want you to be more at ease, trust more and know that everything is working out for you. No matter the circumstances. You see the universe knows how far you are willing to go or not go, and sometimes you need a push...(things happen that you can't control) so you are forced to stop, and buckle up. " please be seated, the pilot has turned on the seat belt sign. And now you wait. Not the easiest thing to do especially when it's a bumpy ride. But rest assured the turbulence will subside and you will find yourself closer to you're destination. And hopefully in a happy and positive place. I pray wonderful blessings for you , and I hope you find a mantra that helps get you through when the ride is bumpy. I visited the beach this past weekend, here is a photo I took I hope you enjoy!!!


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