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What is blocking You?

The Holiday season is here, and the weather is a sure indication that winter is upon us. Santa is not too far away from delivering a bag of goodies to those who believe. As we get ready to spend time with friends and family, I am reminded that in just a few short weeks we will ring in the new year with fireworks, hugs and kisses while listening to songs that remind us that 2019 is gone and we will now start a new year.

Many of us will set new goals and create new visions for what we want. For some reason or another, many of the goals we set for ourselves this year did not come to pass. It is not for lack of belief in what we want, or an unwillingness to work hard. I find that many times I am unable to deliver on a project because I have been blocked. Sometimes we are blocked creatively or even mentally. Unable to visualize an outcome, or clearly define what it is we desire. We fight, and we try to create and often find ourselves blank. I myself would sit at the computer days in and days out trying to create and found myself accomplishing nothing at all. there was a block.

What is blocking your vision, or plan?

Sometimes we must approach our vision like a child. Wide eyed and excited about something new. We cannot treat our vision like just an ordinary wish. When we are not taking care to nurture the vision that has been place inside of us, we often get cloudy and have no direction on how to move. We are often blocked because of the people we have in our circle. It is important that you surround yourself with visionaries. Visionaries are also working on their own vision and they speak positive and motivate those around them to remain optimistic in their goals.


We are often blocked from moving forward out of fear. Fear will keep you doubting your abilities, and eventually slow down your process. Fear appears at times as being too difficult or fear tells you that its not that important, or that you don’t deserve it.


Often it is our friends and family members that contribute to the blockage. When those we love, express their concerns for our life, and are asking why, and how, in a negative manner unbeknownst to them they are planting doubt in your spirit and in your ability to move forward.


We as individuals are often our own block. We self-sabotage our efforts and are unable to grow. The inner negative self-talk will kill any dream. We often talk ourselves out of pursing new hopes and dreams before we even get started.

As we steadily move forward and begin to take on the new year it is important to plan.

Do not let another year go by without setting yourself up for success. Just as we are taught that “where there is no vision the people perish” the same applies to each of us. You must plan for the vision. You must write it down and make it plain. Once you have a clear written agenda you must give your self-step by step instructions on how you will reach or achieve your vision. To avoid the road blocks, you must surround yourself with positive people, and people who are also working on their vision and are willing to share and speak greatness into you. You sometimes must keep your vision to yourself or only share with other believers. Everyone is not capable of knowing your hopes and dreams. Your hopes and dreams may be too big for them to fathom. When people are unable to connect the dots of what you envision, they are bias and doubtful out of love.

Once you have mapped out your plan you must not abandon it. When difficult times come you must continue to believe even when you can not see an end. This is called Faith. Faith is the substance of things UNSEEN.

Believe in the power of YOU! You have greatness inside of you. You have the same power that any man or woman with a vision and a dream has. What sets you apart will be desire, perseverance, and a never give up attitude.

There is no right or wrong time to begin your journey and realize your vision. You can start today, or on January 1st. When you begin is not important, what is important is that you begin. Do not continue to put off today for what you can do tomorrow, for tomorrow is not promised.

Everyone has vision seeds inside of them. Planted by our creator to fulfill a greater purpose. As these seeds ferment and begin to try and break through, just like a flower in the ground you must cultivate it, it will need love and guidance. You must talk to it and allow it the right amount of sunlight. The greatness of your seed depends on you. It was given to you. As long as it is in you it will always nudge on you to be released. All seeds have a purpose.

Allow your seeds to grow and flourish and give you the desires of your heart.

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