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Most of my life I heard " you can do and be what ever you want'

It sounded easy enough , but of course I found out that without true grit and determination and a whole lot of risk, manifesting your hearts desires is not easy.

When I think about all the many teachings of the world, most all of them sound the same. 'WHAT YOU PUT OUT COMES BACK" "ASK AND IT IS GIVEN,SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, All of these sayings and teaching leave out the true secret.

What if I told you that the very words we have repeated all of our lives, are in deed the secret to creating the life you want. We see in often times it is tragedy that pushes people into a state of determination and the ability to manifest their hopes and desires. Many People are pushed with their backs up against the wall with only one option "live or die" and at that very moment they choose to live , and their life is changed forever. I believe you can manifest your hopes and dreams just as easily with out force. I believe that anything you want you can have. I also believe the reason many people never live the life they desire is because they themselves do not believe they can, or that they deserve to . Here are a few tips to help you begin to manifest and live a life of abundance. You have the power with in you and no better time then now to activate it.

1. Write down the things you want, not little things big things, the bigger the better.

Everyday concentrate on these things, visualize them, smell them taste them, see yourself living this new life you envision.

2. Meditate-

begin to train your subconscious to think on only good, and positive things. Remove any negative vibes, people,and things out of your life.

3.Preparation- Begin to prepare for the life you want. Start getting you self in order, your finances, come up with a plan that will help you be ready for when things start to move in the direction that you planned for.

4.Belief- Your belief system is vital, what you tell yourself, and what you put out into the universe is key. You must believe in your own plan,and hope for your new life. You cannot doubt or speak against your plan. You must feel it with every inch of your body,

5. Practice- writing down your dreams, meditating regularly, preparing for the opportunity and believing in yourself.

Do this everyday or as much as you can, practice makes perfect. Soon you will begin to see things changing for you. It will become second nature, and you will begin to laugh at how easy it is to get the things that you want.

Life is there waiting for you to ask of it what you will, with no boundaries. You were put her to create, to live, and to live with purpose.

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