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Living beyond Quarantine

Never in this lifetime did I imagine that we would experience such a viral outbreak like the Corona virus. This one microscopic virus naked to the human eye, but now, even deadlier than the flu has come with a vengeance. We all have questions of its origin, conspiracy theories float around and distract from the truth, we engage in urban tales and always find ourselves still asking how? Not just how, but who, what and where did it come from.

The one answer that we may never know the absolute truth about. Throughout the beginning, I have tried to remain hopeful and open. Open to the idea that this unprecedented event has not come to wipe us out or keep us down, but has come to help us and our earth grow stronger. Optimistic I am. While I have every reason to be afraid, with all the media stories of death. Millions of people are out of work, children no longer going to school parents unable to put food on the table. I choose to be hopeful.

I choose to know that this too shall pass and that I can rise above what is to come. Many will die, many have been sick, and many will recover. I believe that with taking personal responsibility for my health and for the health of those around me, I can reduce my chances of contracting and or spreading the virus.

There are many who will not recover from the downturn of the economy. There are many who will. I believe this is one time in our history where we are all on one playing field. Not one person has been obsolete from the occurrence of this virus, in one-way shape or form we have all been greatly impacted. Know that there is much you can do now with what cards we have been dealt. Never before have we been told or allowed to stay home with pay, many are allowed to work from home, and some individuals sent home with pay. Children are home with their parents learning a new normal. Families are spending more time together, allowing families to reconnect the dots of the times gone by way too fast. This is an opportunity to plan for a better outcome.

A great time to revisit dreams left behind, ideas that seemed once impossible. Now is the time to teach your children about dreaming big, and writing down their wildest ideas, create a vision board, and lean into what can be instead of worrying about what could be.

For those of you who are out of work, with what seems like no light at the end of the tunnel, maybe your waiting for your stimulus check, or maybe you have to apply for public assistance. Please know that this is only a temporary setup. YES! I said set up. This is an opportunity to think about where you were, and where you want to be.

Never before have we had such a moment like this. Despite what may be said by others do not get caught up in the negative vibes of a falling sky. Know that you have choices, you simply need to breathe and think. You have soo much potential in you and so much to live for I hope you use this time to grow..... Change although difficult is a good thing, it makes you move differently, and sometimes change will force you outside of your comfort zone, in order to get you moving into your purpose.

As we go through the growing pains of this new way of life, remember to love thy neighbor. Care for those around you, check on a friend and tell those you know that you love them. This hiccup in the world as we know it today is just that, a hiccup. We all know that hiccups no matter how painful or unexpected, they don't last forever. If you focus on all the good things you can learn and do right now life will look much brighter. I pray if you or someone you know has contracted the virus that each of you are recovering and well. I pray for those who were not strong enough and have left for a better place. My love is with each of you daily and pray that you remain hopeful .

Know that this too shall pass.

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