Monitor Your Feelings

As each day passes, with ripe uncertainty of how we will rebound from the current state of our country, I encourage you to monitor your feelings. Many are out of work, working from home, and living a life we never dreamed of. Quarantined to our homes, businesses shut down and our children left to be taught at home. Our current state is a depiction of a story told by skilled actors and directors in the film industry, but now our reality.

I want you to monitor how you react, but most importantly how you feel. Your feelings are the surest way to get control and gain clear prospective on how to move. Please don't paralyze your self or your family out of fear. Don't create a life of uncertainty in your household, create an environment of hope and belief. Right now is a time when we must focus on the things we can control and not riddle ourselves with what we cant. Do not allow negative energy from the news, or people around you keep you from moving in this moment. In this moment you should be asking yourselves some important questions.

1. How do I prepare to keep my family safe?

2. What is my current financial status?

3. How long will I continue to receive income?

4. What is available to me

5.How do I plan for tomorrow?